The New Year and the Lesson Learned

Posted by Admin on January 30, 2017 Under dubious tales, oort cloud news
It’s a new year, and I could not be happier to put last year in the rearview mirror. 2016 will go down in history as a crazy ass year of its own accord, but it was also disastrous here in the Oort Cloud. I swung for the fences, devoting much time, energy, and money in […]

Introducing Dubious Tales

Posted by Admin on January 18, 2016 Under dubious tales, oort cloud news
After many months of writing, I’m happy to share that Oort Cloud Comics’ next project has started art production. It’s a six-issue limited series called Dubious Tales. A mysterious group known as the New York Committee have set journeyman baseball player Moe Berg and polar explorer George Hubert Wilkins, two real-life characters from the history […]


Posted by Admin on October 27, 2015 Under black alpha
I’ve been away for awhile, so I thought it would make sense to do a few project updates. Here’s the latest on Black Alpha which has been featured on the site from the beginning. The latest on the project is that it’s in development hell. Well, not really. That just sounds cooler and more provocative […]

Back from SDCC 2014

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July 29, 2014 SDCC 2014 I’ve been away for awhile. Partly because I’ve had my head down finishing the writing on the next book, partly because I’m not young enough to assume that everything I think or do is material for broadcasting to the universe. I guess I sorta like the whole social media thing, […]

A Time For Marvels

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A Time For Marvels I recently replaced my secondhand iPad 1 with a brand new shiny iPad Air. I gained 128GB of pristine solid state memory, and lost my excuse for delaying a project I’ve had in mind for awhile now. When they were freely available on the oprn market, I snapped up GIT Corp.’s […]

Clark Gregg on The Nerdist Podcast

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Stop what you’re doing right now and rush to the corner podcast vendor and acquire the interview Chris Hardiwick did with Clark Gregg on the Nerdist Podcast. Some podcasts help to kill time, but this one is a cut above. If a show makes you sit in your car to listen minutes after you’ve parked, […]

Of Heroes, Pete, and Quadrophenia

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I’m going to see The Who next week at Allstate Arena.  When I read the The Who was touring again this fall I realized I needed to see Pete Townshend play live one more time before he or I die.  Ok, before he dies.  Sorry, Pete.  Just trying to be polite. It took some effort […]

Reviewing the Reviewers

Posted by Admin on August 31, 2012 Under shepperton's waltz
How does it feel to read reviews of your own book? The product of hours and hours of your life being is tossed to the hungry comic blog wolves, and you must sit idly by and watch its innards get torn from the bone. I’m betting one’s attitude toward reviewers can be charted relatively accurately […]

SDCC Mailbag: An Academic View of Motion Comics

Posted by Admin on July 27, 2012 Under articles, conventions
My write-up of the digital comics panel at SDCC has generated a great response from the comicverse.  Of all the panels I was able to attend at SDCC, this one in particular was packed many themes, opinions, and ideas that deserved to be explored with hours more commentary from the panel.  One email I received […]

SDCC Panel: Are Digital Comics Expanding the Market?

Posted by Admin on July 19, 2012 Under articles, conventions
SDCC logo
SDCC 2012 – As I tweeted out over the weekend, I attended the Friday panel entitled Are Digital Comics Expanding the Industry?  Rob Salkowitz moderated with Ted Adams(IDW), Mike Richardson(Dark Horse), David Steinburger and John D. Roberts(both ComiXology) on hand. The talk was fascinating, to say the least, especially because I have only limited plans […]